mindfulness for sport

90% of performance is mental, yet we spend the majority of our time, effort and money on physical and technical training.

sportdroplet You know that time during a training session when you just don’t want to go on. if there weren’t others around you and the coach egging you on, that you would stop. We are not going to stop though - after all it’s this extra push that gets results - the feeling you have to keep going so you don’t let the team down and others are making you push harder.

How about making it easier for yourelf? Not just easier but able to go harder and get better results?

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment - aware of what is happening in your body right now?

Not in the future: "In 3 minutes this will end and I can relax!"

Or in the past: "I wasn't that quick last time so I won't continue to try"

It may be that your arms, legs, core or all are burning - it doesn’t matter - resist the urge to judge yourself. You just need to focus on those areas and explore the sensations.

Mindfulness Exercises can help to generate 'flow': a state of complete focus on the task at hand. When your mind is on the task and nothing else - your flow will help you achieve more.

Our course helps you to build mindfulness skills to create that stronger mind-body connection and find your 'flow'. This helps you to make split second adjustments before factors like stress or anxiety have a chance to impact your performance.

Each course consists of 4 weekly sessions lasting 60-75 minutes.

If you dedicate your time and energy into practising... change your mindset

You will be able to work harder, improving your performance.
You will become physically and emotionally healthier.
Everything will become more alive. Do this with food and notice your body fat drop.
Put it into practice while training and you might find training more enjoyable.

You will be given support and encouragement to practice as practicing will make all the difference to your performance in the long term.

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Mindfulness for Athletic Performance

4 week course
Sat 14 Oct to 4 Nov 2017

8:30pm to 9:45pm

North Camp CrossFit
5A Queens Road
GU14 6DJ

Cost: £38 per week or £120 if 4 weeks are booked at once.

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